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The Marginal Risk payoff

Well, I didn't originally plan on chasing today. But the weather models looked good, and if nothing formed or if a storm didn't become severe I wouldn't be really upset because I was only going to be 30 minutes away from home. Since I was so close to the target chase area today I just decided to wait at home until a Thunderstorm started to form. I left Norman around 3pm and headed North on I-35, to intercept a Thunderstorm that had just formed near Newcastle. This storm would become Severe Warned and stay almost stationary for an entire hour.

At one point this Thunderstorm starting showing small signs of trying to become tornadic. Which was really surprising given the fact that the atmosphere wasn't really setup for tornadoes, or anything serious. I was able to capture some awesome timelapse's of this beautiful storm as well because of the absolutely incredible storm structure which was associated with this Thunderstorm! About 1 hour after this storm had formed it started to move Northeast in Oklahoma City, where it would lose all of it's potential to become tornadic due to another Severe Thunderstorm coming Southeast from the Northwest, which eventually overtook the Thunderstorm I was on. In a way I was happy that this Thunderstorm didn't produce a tornado due to the fact of how close it was to Oklahoma City.

Also because of how photogenic the Thunderstorm structure was I personally would call this a successful chase day, even if it didn't produce any tornadoes, especially for a Marginal Risk day.



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