• Michael Thornton

The Howardwick Tornado - May 22nd, 2016

Day #2 May, 22nd 2016

I setup in a little town called Pampa in the Texas Panhandle about an hour from Amarillo. Shortly after setting up in Pampa, I moved Southwest towards Panhandle, and went even more South towards Groom, TX where a Thunderstorm was forming just a little bit to the South. I was confident enough that the storms just to the South of me stretching from Wayside, to Claude would become tornadic, and I was right. I positioned myself on Highway 70 in between Howardick and Clarendon. With a vicious hail storm right in front of me, I would end up unintentionally intercepting this hail storm. The reason why I say unintentionally is because I didn’t want to intercept this hail storm due to hail reaching up to 3 inches in diameter and without hail guards, I'd be at risk of losing a windshield. Thankfully the most damaging part of the hail core passed just to my East. I was now in place to witness the Howardwick Tornado. It came down as a barrel and then soon quickly went back up. Since Howardwick is very desolated nobody was injured or lost there life that day.


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