• Michael Thornton

The first chase of 2016

NIGHT ONE OF STORM CHASING - Night Storm Chasing - 3/15/16 _____________________________________________________

I was originally going to go to Macomb, IL to chase supercells today, but I didn't exactly think I'd get there in time. So instead I planned out my night for the first night storm chase of 2016 Originally I had planned to go to Cambridge,IL, and then run up to Le Claire, IA. Which had I done that I could've intercepted a night tornado in Le Claire. But I left Orland Park, IL and headed West towards Ottawa,IL in hopes of intercepting severe storm's,while I was in Ottawa some kids came up to my truck, and asked if I was a storm chaser, and we talked for a bit, and then I told them they should head home since the storm was fast approaching the town. I intercepted the storm at night, and was hit by small hail, and severe winds. Nothing else really ocurred with this severe storm. So it was a pretty big let down overall. Hopefully I get some better storms this year.


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