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The Elk City Tornado

At the start of the day I was very excited, because all of the weather models showed some great potential in severe weather including tornadoes today. But by nightfall, I'd be heartbroken for a family who lost a loved one, and for the people who lost there homes and business's from a tornado. I left Norman around 9am, and headed for the Texas Panhandle. I decided to setup around Groom, TX as storms looked to have the best potential in that area. Soon enough a storm flared up, and I followed it to Wheeler, TX where the first of two tornadoes that I would chase formed. It was a beautiful tornado out in a field, harming nobody. Once it lifted, I moved quickly towards a storm that was moving Northeast from the Southwest. I intercepted the tornadic storm near Erick, and chased it all the way into Elk City where a rainwrapped EF-2 monster would form. The tornado entered the Southeastern part of town destroying houses, buildings, and killing an innocent person. The damage was incredible, and not in a good way. This was the first time I had seen real tornado damage since the 2005 Stoughton F3 Tornado. I will never forget a man in a red dodge truck coming up to me and saying that they had just lost everything. I often wonder what happened to them.



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