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The day of the lightning strikes

There is a good chance for Severe Thunderstorms today in Northwestern Oklahoma and Texas. I left Norman around 11am and headed West for Shattuck. After getting setup, I noticed a storm was forming near Lipscomb, TX in the panhandle, and started to move West into the Texas Panhandle to intercept the Thunderstorm.

This Thunderstorm didn't really do much, besides give off some nice looking lightning strikes, so I abandoned it for another storm that was coming into the Oklahoma Panhandle, and headed for Guymon. I watched the Guymon Thunderstorm for a while until it started showing signs of dying, at that point I headed back East into Northwestern Oklahoma where I chased a storm near Fargo. All that Thunderstorm did was produce lightning as well. For the most part today wasn't a great chase day. Yeah, I got some nice lightning shots. But nothing really happened, and that was a disappointment.



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