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Talking about severe weather safety

Hey everyone! Today's blog will be a short one, but a cool one. In case you did not know every year I drive 800 miles North to Wisconsin to talk about severe weather safety at Fort Little Green.

Josh is to the right

This event is put together every year by my friend Josh who is a storm spotter in Southern Wisconsin. People might think that I am crazy for driving 800 miles just to talk about severe weather safety, but for me it's more than just that. I love helping Josh with this event every year because of the fact that I am able to give back to a community and teach kids about the dangers of severe weather and what they should do in the event of severe weather. My hope is that if I can teach kids about the risk's associated with severe weather that maybe one day the information that they learned at the Severe Weather Safety Camp will save their life. Josh and I talked a little bit about everything, from tornadoes all the way to flash flooding. I always try to put an emphasis on flash flooding when doing these types of events, because flash flooding is the #1 killer in natural disasters. I had the kids say "Turn around, don't drown" along with me and told them about the dangers of flash flooding. Along with talking about severe weather safety, I also had my chase vehicle at the severe weather safety camp. The kids at the camp loved looking at my chase vehicle as I had it all setup as if I was going to chase. That way they could see what a chase vehicle actually looked like in real life. After that the kids were broken up into groups and we ran through some drills. I was in charge of talking about severe weather safety outside. So I covered topics like what to do in the event that you are in a car and a tornado forms, or if hail is falling, and of course if there is flash flooding. I also covered things like what to do if you find yourself out in the open and lightning is in the area. I truly enjoyed helping Josh with his Severe Weather Safety camp. Like I've always told him. If he keeps on holding these weather camps, I will continue to drive 800 miles to help him with it. Educating the future generation about severe weather safety is extremely important. Thank you for reading this blog. If you liked it, be sure to share it or even sign up on the website to receive an email when I post new blogs!

[All photos courtesy of Fort Little Green]


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