• Michael Thornton

South Central Oklahoma Chase

Today we have a decent chance for severe weather in South Central parts of Oklahoma. I am going to chase today to see if I can get anything. Tornadoes are a possibility today, as well as large hail. I set off for Maysville at around 2pm. Thunderstorms started to initiate near Elmore City, so I drove South and then once I got on the storm I pulled into a driveway that led to a battery tank. The area I had stopped at had an amazing view of the storm, but since it was all high precipitation (No storm structure, just a wall of rain/hail) I couldn't see anything. I let it pass to the North of me, and then followed it all the way up into Pauls Valley, where it became Tornado Warned. Even though it was an HP Supercell I was able to see a funnel because of the position I was in. The storm kept tracking Northeast towards Ahser before it died.

At that point I decided to head Southeast towards Ada to intercept another Supercell that was heading towards Ada. This tornadic cell had a long rope funnel with it, but it didn't touch down

Hail the size of Baseballs began to fall outside of Ada, littering the road with hail stones. I'm thankful that I wasn't in the hail core when those hail stones were falling as my windshield would've easily been destroyed.

Overall this wasn't a bad chase day! Looks like we have another chase day setting up on the 28th!


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