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Presenting about weather, chasing in Wisconsin, and damage in Illinois

Well, I'm headed back to Oklahoma now. This past week has been awesome but not because of storms. I had the opportunity to speak at a camp in Wisconsin about the dangers of Severe Weather, and what you can do to protect yourself along with what I do as a chaser. I was so honored to be apart of the "Severe Weather Safety Day Camp." While I was in Illinois I chased storms early in the morning, in Northwestern Wisconsin near Minneapolis, MN. The storms were tornadic at points, but soon lined out and weakened. Two nights later, in Illinois a very strong Non-Severe Thunderstorm went over me. In the morning, we saw tree's snapped everywhere including a very large tree that could only be snapped by severe level wind speeds, and the metal flag pole had also been bent. I helped with cleaning up the large tree the next day. It was definitely a week I won't forget anytime soon!


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