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Last chase of May.

Today is May 29th, and it's the last chase of May. This season has been very slow so far, and I haven't really gotten a lot of footage or photo's this year. Let's hope I can change that today. I left Norman around 11am and headed out West towards Buffalo. I grabbed a bite in Woodward, and then sat out on a dirt road awaiting storm initiation.

The first storm of the day went up near Fort Supply, so I headed West to intercept it. It was an absolutely beautiful Severe Thunderstorm that was very photogenic. I chased this Severe Thunderstorm for about 126 miles or 2 hours. Once it reached Waynoka it became HP and finally started really showing signs of trying to become tornadic. The inflow on this Thunderstorm once it reached it's peak and became tornadic was so strong that the driver's side door on my F-250 was almost ripped clean off of the truck when I opened it. I watched the HP Tornado Warned Supercell for about 30 minutes on Highway 281 before getting on Highway 412 and heading East, where I was able to find a very good vantage point of the storm. I continued to follow this Thunderstorm as it started to die out and became Severe Warned.

As night began to fall, I stopped in Fairview to fill up my truck and noticed that mammatus clouds had started to form. So of course I took many photos of it, as mammatus is awesome! Once night fell, the Thunderstorm I had been following was giving off amazing negative lightning and positive lightning showing the storm structure of the Thunderstorm.


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