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Kansas Supercells in October.

Today look's like a good chase day in Kansas. Technically this is my second ever chase in Kansas. But realistically my first, as the other chase back in August was on the Kansas/Oklahoma border. Anyhow models looked pretty good for tornadoes and large hail. I left Norman at around 9am and headed to Minneola, KS. Storms initiated, and the chase was on. I chased one Severe Thunderstorm all the way Northeast into Jetmore, KS where the chase had to be stopped because of snapped power poles in the way. This thunderstorm had some pretty amazing windspeeds with it so I wasn't that surprised that it snapped power poles.

I decided that the chase was officially over, and cut my loses and headed home. I stopped in Dodge City, KS to get something to eat, before heading home. On my way home I intercepted a dangerous Night time squall line. It was easily one of the worse Thunderstorms I've ever been in. The visibility was significantly reduced to the point where you could barely see the hood of my truck. I carefully navigated myself through the night time Thunderstorm using the radar on my laptop, and the second I had a South road option I took it. After getting out of that storm, there was another storm near Buffalo that was Severe Thunderstorm warned, I watched it for about 10 minutes, and during those 10 minutes at one point a lightning bolt struck lighting up the sky, which revealed a funnel cloud. The sky went dark for about 20 seconds and then another lightning bolt hit the ground and the funnel was gone. After that I headed home for the night.



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