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Is the Garmin 45 Dash Cam worth the money?

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Hey everyone, today we're going to review a new dash cam that I put in my truck. Now the reason why I decided to buy a dash cam is due to the fact that in recent years, it seems that chaser related accidents have increased due to more chasers on the road, and drivers who are distracted by the storms, or by something else. So of course, I bought a dash cam in case I were to be involved in an accident while chasing or while just driving.

With so many different options and brands out there to choose from, I decided to go with the Garmin 45 Dash Cam. Why you may ask? Well, I am a fan of Garmin and I use their GPS's when I am going to be driving a long distance, and I knew that Garmin was a trustworthy and reliable brand to buy from. I watched a few test videos of the 45 Dash Cam just to make sure that the video quality really was as good as Garmin promised, and not to my surprise the video quality was great! I bought the dash cam, and used it for about 2 hours today. So what are you getting for $150 exactly? Well the Garmin 45 dash cam comes with a 2.1 megapixel camera, which can record at 1920 x 1080 Resolution at 30 fps. The field of view goes out to 106 degrees. The Garmin 45 dash cam also has GPS and a G-Sensor built into the device, along with forward collision and lane departure warning. You can even use your phone to upload the videos to social media, or send them to an insurance company because the dash cam has built in WiFi. Now this sounds great and all but what does the video quality actually look like?

For a dash cam with only a 2.1 megapixel camera, the Garmin 45 dash cam records in really nice quality. My biggest problem with this dash cam is that it only records 1 minute before the dash cam creates a new unsaved file, while the saved files record up to two minutes. If you have the Garmin 45 dash cam rolling for an hour, it will save the entire hour of driving, just under separate clips. I personally like that the exact location, speed, time, and date are stamped towards the bottom. You can turn off the date, time, speed, and location stamps in the settings though if you do not want them on your videos. This dash cam also comes with a travelapse, allowing you to record your entire trip in a timelapse, and the really neat thing about this is that your normal recording mode isn't stopped by enabling travelapse!

I personally would recommend this dash cam as it's small, very well built, and is made by a reputable company. You get a lot of features as well for $150, and if you drive a lot like myself and you don't have a dash cam then you should think about getting the Garmin 45 Dash cam. If you are a storm chaser, then you should definitely get a dash cam in the event of an accident or something else. Ultimately it's up to you if you want to get this dash cam. Thank you for taking the time to read my review on the Garmin 45 dash cam.



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