• Michael Thornton

Chasing In The Mountains

After watching the weather models all week long I decided to chase in Arkansas. I left Norman, Oklahoma at around 9am and set off towards my base area Russellville, AR. At around 3pm Thunderstorms starting to flare up in Southwestern Arkansas, and they were moving Northeast into my target area. I started driving South towards one storm in particular that was coming up towards Thornburg. Not being familiar with terrain in the area I was chasing in was a mistake, because soon enough I was in between mountains, with no cellular reception, nor did I have any hotspot reception for my radar on my laptop. So this meant that I had to chase visually in the mountains until I regained reception from either my hotspot or from my cellphone. Thankfully my GPS on my laptop was still receiving signal, so I made my way back towards Conway, AR and got onto I-40 and headed South towards Mayflower, AR where I intercepted a night time rain wrapped tornado. I was a little to close for comfort, but I stayed calm and used radar to gauge where I was in comparison to the tornado. Once the tornadic storm passed over the Interstate, I headed into Mayflower to get gas, and then I started my journey home. Overall this chase was a complete mess for a couple of reasons. Always remember to study the landscape in an area you've never chased before, and DO NOT chase storms on Interstates as it is very dangerous.


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