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ChaserCon 2019

Hey everyone! It has been awhile since I last posted on my website. I just got back from ChaserCon in Wichita, KS, and boy was it fun. First off I would like to take the time to thank Roger and Caryn Hill for once again putting on ChaserCon for another year. 2018 was the first year I had ever attended ChaserCon and the event was held in Denver, so it was kind of nice to have ChaserCon being held closer to me this year in Wichita.

Since I was so close to ChaserCon this year, I was able to leave my house around 1pm and from there I headed North on I-35 to Wichita. Once I got to Wichita on Friday I went to the Hyatt Regency to get my I.D. card, and the T-Shirt I had bought on the events website.

The first day of ChaserCon was held on Saturday. I really enjoyed listening to Dr. Jason Persoff's talk about First Aid and how you could prepare yourself to administer First Aid to someone who had been injured. I also really enjoyed listening to Dr.Greg Forbes and Roger Hill talk about tornado events from this past year. Tim Marshall of course was very entertaining and talked about one of his chases from the past year and his experience with the Volcanic eruptions in Hawaii. The Keynote speaker for this year's ChaserCon was Mike Smith and he did not disappoint! His presentation was on the history of Doppler Radar, storm chasers, tornadoes, meteorology, and how all of those things have improved and saved lives over the past 64 years. As a person who absolutely loves history and weather, this keynote presentation was one of my favorite parts of ChaserCon this year!

Before I go onto what the second day of ChaserCon was like, I'd like to show these photo prints that I bought at ChaserCon. Both photos were taken by Roger Hill. The photo on the left is one of the Dodge City, KS tornadoes from May 24th, 2016. The other photo on the right includes storm structure and has a fully condensed tornado. This photo was taken near Camp Crook, SD on June 18th, 2014. The Camp Crook photo is personally one of my favorite pictures that I have in my house that isn't mine, because I absolutely love storm structure, and when I saw this picture, I just knew that I had to have it! The second day of ChaserCon was all about forecasting. Jon Davies, gave an absolutely awesome speech about how to accurately forecast severe weather. Even though I have been forecasting my own chases for 2 years now, I ended up learning more things about how to accurately forecast severe weather. Which is great, because now in the future I will definitely use what I learned from that speech to forecast better. I had so much fun this year going to ChaserCon, and getting to listen to old school chasers tell stories about chasing storms in the 90's, hearing of other peoples chases from last year, and telling my own stories about my past chases. I truly enjoyed this event once again this year. Again, thank you Caryn and Roger Hill for putting on this absolutely awesome event.


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