• Michael Thornton

80mph bow echo meets OKC

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Last night was a long night. I setup in Medicine Park, and waited at a Loves Gas Station for storms to flare up. While I was waiting a cop drove up next to me and we chatted for a while about the Moore tornadoes. Finally at around 11pm, we had storm initiation in Southwestern Oklahoma. A raging Severe Thunderstorm was coming Northeast from Magnum. I intercepted the Severe Thunderstorm near Corn, OK where it was exhibiting tornadic like features, and the storm had very strong inflow. Since the storm was HP and it was night time, I relocated to El Reno where I waited for the storm to line out. Once it did it drastically increased in wind speeds, and slammed into Oklahoma City in the very early morning hours. Once daylight came the damage from last night's severe weather showed. Here are some images I captured while I was out taking footage.


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